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Our story

Madeira, the “Garden of the Atlantic”, is unique and plentiful; it has it all and pleases all. In Madeira, there is a combination of unique scents: the ocean, the Laurissilva, the levadas, the flowers, and Funchal’s old town streets. 

It is this exhilarating experience that convinced me to create Água da Madeira.

Água da Madeira is like a fragrant time capsule, triggering a whirlwind of memories and emotions. It conveys the strength of the waves, the intensity of Madeira’s flowers and forests, and the historic charms of Funchal.

The design is yet another tribute to the Island: it represents the ocean waves and the cobblestone pavements of the capital. With a range of products that includes eau de parfum, candle, home diffuser, soap bar and liquid soap, Água da Madeira is unique and plentiful and pleases all.

It’s hard not to love this beautiful island: “Água da Madeira is my declaration of love for Madeira.”

myriam wattiez palmero